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Anna  Umana

Anna is a graduate of Hunter College where she majored in Creative Writing and Studio Art. She has been an avid lover of art from an early age. She is an enthusiastic learner where she self-taught herself various design and illustration software packages such as Photoshop and Illustrator to an advanced level. She is a Creative Writer with her own artistic flair and imaginative style.

During her junior year in university, she discovered her passion for Graphic Design while abroad in Australia in an exchange student program. Since then she has made becoming a Graphic Designer her career goal of choice. With over 2 and a half years of experience freelancing in the industry of web and graphic designs now, she is still striving to expand her experience and knowledge. Currently, she has taken the initiative to attend Typography courses at City College of New York to increase her knowledge in design and night classes at F.I.T. to complete a certified program in Graphic Design.

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